U6 Basic Drills

A list of drills for U6 age group

U6 age group is a very important part of player development and is essential players receive proper technique at this age level.  It’s also important to promote encouragement and lots of praise in order to keep the young payer motivated and interested while doing drills.

Here are few drills to get the new U6 player on their way to a fun soccer season!

1. Passing the ball (aka Push Pass)
- Have players about 5 steps away and use the inside of the foot "push-passing" back & forth to one another.  

2. Stopping the ball (aka trapping the ball)
- While doing the push-pass drill, the player receiving the ball, have them stop (trap) the ball with the bottom or the inside of the foot .  Then return the ball with a push-pass with the inside of the foot while encouraging the "push-pass" drill.

3. Dribbling
- Have the player run a course while pushing the ball with their shoe laces.  This technique requires players to slightly lift their foot (toe pointing towards the ground and knee bending over the ball) and push the ball with the laces. 

4. Shooting at the goal
- No toe pokes!  Instead have players place the ball a little to the right (for a right-footed player or little to the left for left-footed player) and have them swing at the ball using the inside of the foot right about where the laces are.

5. Throw-ins
Emphasize "rainbow" like throws using both hands starting from the back of the head with an "up & over" throw while releasing it as they clear the front part of their head.

6. Working with the goalie
- One of the toughest positions to train, especially at this age.  Simple, not too hard, ball passes to the player will suffice at this age. Rolling the ball directly to the player or to sides while having the player shuffle their feet over to get in front of the ball in order to use the hands and body to stop the ball.

7. Break the bunch ball syndrome
- Use cones and make 4 large boxes for players to move around in.  Each player must stay in their box while making a pass to a team-mate.

8. Teaching coordination
- Blow up a 12" balloon and have the player practice juggling the balloon with all their head, feet, thighs, etc. (except their hands). This is a great technique for teaching coordination and is pretty safe to do.

 There are much much more to these few tips and a lot of U6 Basic Drills can be found on the web.  YouTube video has a lot of these drills and is a great place to get started.

Remember, repetition is the key

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