Coaching Tips

Tips for Fun and
Effective Practice

KEEP IT FUN Picture yourself at the bank and your the last person in a 12 person line. Any fun? Same thing for the kids. Avoid using lines in your drills or activities. More on avoiding lines

Another good practice tip is not to have elimination games in which a player sits if he loses. Chances are good that if he lost, he needs to practice and not be sitting.

#2 HAVE A PLAN You won't be stumbling for ideas with 24 eyes looking at you. You will look more professional. Fold it in half and tuck it in on the side of your waistband for quick access to it. After practice , use it to write what worked good and what you would change. Keep them as records so you know what and when you practiced. BLANK Practice Plan also Sample WORKING Plan

#3 ARRIVE EARLY. Have all your cones laid out for two or three activities. No down time in between drills. No time for kids to get into mischief. HAHA

#4 USE SMALL SIDED GAMES Why small sided games?

#5 USE PROGRESSIONS (not needed for Micro) Progressions


-Have an odd number of players. Use the player as a target player (a player that plays on both teams). This will give you numbers up on either offense or defense. This can be useful to show the team success in a certain area. Or use extra player as "ball buddy" to keep player busy.
-Last player to practice is on "cone duty". Cone duty is picking up all the cones and gear at the end of practice. I guarantee the player wont be late too often.
-Keep it simple. Don't use big fancy words.
-Fake it. If you had a bad day at work and you are not enthusiastic about being at practice then you have to fake it.
-If a drill or activity is not working, don't be afraid to change it or even stop it all together.