Guidelines For Parents & Fans

While players are guided by the rules of the game, parents should also be guided by a set of DOs and DON’Ts during the season. As an adult-member of NSA, please consider the following:



Have Fun! Focus on mistakes!
Get involved in the Club Coach -- let the coach do it
Watch professional games Criticize the referee
Play with your kids Get involved in public conflicts
Talk with the coach Approach a coach after a game -- it is better to schedule a meeting during the week
Provide a healthy example
Show good sportsmanship
Encourage everyone

Additionally, US Youth Soccer has announced the launch of an interactive online tool to assist parents as they support their youth athlete. Designed for parents in the game of soccer to aid their efforts in growing the spirit without limiting the child, The Parent’s Guide – An Introduction to Youth Soccer is an online self-exploratory exercise in enhancing the experiences of players and their families.

The Parents Guide is an overview of best practices and philosophy, answering questions ranging from ’How to be supportive soccer parents’ and ’How to meet your child’s needs’ to ‘The ride home’ as well as ‘Dealing with your child’s coach.’

In addition to the online presentation, the US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Department and Coaching Committee has created a short quiz to further the educational aspect of the guide. After successful completion of the course parents can personalize the certificate of completion with their name.

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"For The Good Of The Game"